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Character Website – Final Presentation

After working in different stages of this Character website project, I have compile a presentation to pitch  the different stages of this project.

Starting with Research,  where I conducted a competitor analysis. I was able to gather ideas of what works best and what to avoid.

Followed by a persona analysis. I wanted to know my customer and my customer’s potential customers. What are their fears and what are they actually expecting from a boat/yatch  sale company.
This help me to propose to my client the main areas he should include in  his website.
By interviewing my own client made me understand what are his priorities and purpose of going online. Andy basically see  other business getting more customer not only locally but internationally. And he feels that is a good opportunity to expand his products.

Based on what i have learn for the potential users I sketched some ideas.
It was easy to generate a lot of ideas on paper, and once I was happy enough with my bets ideas i did a formal prototype in Balsamiq.
I was able to test Andy’s reaction with the initial layout.

He wanted to see a more finished look, so I did a final prototype in Photoshop. He was pleased it transmitted exactly how he wanted to be perceived. A professional business down to earth with good product, selection, and many services to choose.

Once we all were happy with the final look. I started the developing process.
I coded the entire website.  And published through Github.
And during the process we realized some features were not as feasible as we expected and we had to re arrange plans.
It was challenging but we all finished with great ideas to include to this project in the future.


Final website can be visited here.

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