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Character Website – Part 3: Prototype

Based on previous research, brainstorming and sketch work now I will build a proposal design for my client.

Initial Sketch Process

The easier, cheapest and faster way to start taking your ideas into a visual stage is by just grabbing pen and paper and start sketching.
I came with different ideas i was undecided was to go for.
But I could afford to generate as many ideas as possible since no major resources were compromised.

Home Page Sketch
Home Page – Sketch
Contact Us – Sketch

Once decided I moved my pen and paper sketch to a more professional sketch using Balsamiq.


Home – Balsamiq


Contact Us – Balsamiq

Once I finish the prototype I wanted to show my customer how would the final look would look like before we move into developing.

I did a prototype of the home page in Photoshop.



Color Scheme


The decision of the color palette was based in the concept and location of Freedom Sailing. They are located in the a sunny sea location.
So picking a blue seamed obvious. Plus blue also inspire seriousness and professionalism. The yellow was just to contrast the blue by giving it a bit of brightness and fresh look.


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